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1) 2 pass (two passes per person is required due to loss or good at the border to hide the entrance to the Islamic countries where a passport is a stamp of entry into the U.S. or Israel .. Could you be denied entry! Nor, conversely, in the U.S. and Israel do not like passports with an entry stamp Iran, Pakistan, etc.)

2) an international document for the vehicle – CARNET! (Published Autoturist Prague)

3) the vaccination as a precaution against exotic diseases (according to areas visited)

4) Perfect vehicle preparation (each governed by a car according to your needs and options) count that is good to use vehicles that have sufficient service network worldwide example. L. Rover, Toyota, etc.

5) Health insurance abroad (possibly with different insurance companies)

6) It’s all good and have enough copies of the documents, especially waist is not good to give the hand during normal roadside better to cop a copy of the original and just show up (this applies only outside the USA and Europe)

7) It is required prior to travel long enough to read a variety of travel information and has already flown. Eg, there’s enough of the world.

8) It is best to have appropriate maps and guides for each country visited.

Well, now we can only wish a happy journey and many wonderful experiences in the world.

Toyota Adventure Team.

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