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To get started, I wanted to write that we have to travel to Morocco, decided just days before odjazdom.Nebol this problem, based on the canceled visa requirements and so we 14.12.2008 starts, without a more precise plan. Journey through Europe was not particularly interesting.

I would like to mention the snow blown in the road between Italy and France, when we wanted to shorten the trip a few times, but we always had to return to the highway and also attempted car theft in Spain in the parking lot. They moved there guys, anything between 12-15 years. They probably matched drawn cars for thieves, who showed there is about 2-hour ej. morning and tried to open the lock of my Toyota. When you see that I am in the car so quickly disappeared with one “guessing” that there was waiting for “their share”.

We decided that to take a ferry in Almeria, a port city in southern Spain. Boat escape the ej 22-hr. and we had enough time to park at the port. Here we met a couple from Bavaria with their residential MAN-om. Lord was 81 years and it was admirable that have embarked on a path, particularly when he showed us two off-road motorcycles, which were going into the wilderness. Recall only that the spare wheel of this car weighs about 125 kg.

Voyage to Melilli lasted 6.5 hours. And after this experience, I think it is better to buy the cabin. We have landed on Spanish territory. The direction of the customs office has been identified as a European would expect. Before the roundabout, which has brought us to the main road, you should turn right. Customs clearance has been here for us to experience and who’s not ready, he must obrniť patience. We did not want used offer “accomplices”, who for 10 EUR offer equipment and customs documents, so we said to the wife of Mr shuffled into the chaotic crowd of people on all sides to push one box. After some time the customs officers opened the second bulkhead, but the result was only that the crowd was split and continued to be virtually motionless. Since Moroccans, we learned that they accept “a woman’s right” to go outside the box number that it did not print, we use fast and have obtained the necessary forms. It was not easy to fill and stand next to the front, but after a few hours we managed to go through customs.

My first feelings were mixed in Morocco, but it probably happens to everyone who has been in Africa. We exchanged money in the bank, we said goodbye to our well-known and continue towards the town of Oujda and further along the Algerian border to the south. We often encountered by police checks, for which we have become accustomed over time, especially at entry and exit points. Cops are usually made of stopping bullying bands, which is located “stem”. Here it should slow down and wait to sign cop. Cops have respect, and in Morocco we perceive them as someone who is willing to help us. Journey to the South was led through the asphalt and rocky desert. When the dark, so we divert from the desert roads and seek a place to sleep. Sign for the approaching sunset hours are in addition to the lengthening shadows. It is the place to write, that is the risk of driving at night, because it easily happens that you meet a car with no lights turned on or cart with a donkey and so on. We thought that we are in a large wilderness area alone. It us but in the morning “break” dog nomads, who were encamped not far from us. Temperatures at night ranged from just below zero and thus to create ice, which helped remove fast but with the rising sun as the temperature was rising, that day was between 16-20 degrees. This way we got to the city Bouarfa, where we turned aside towards the Algerian border and on to the piston along them. Here met GPS-ka, who offered us useful information about our position, given the proximity of the Algerian border. Pistons are beaten path in the desert, which divides or joining or disappearing into the lost. We also asked about the direction of nomadic women. People we met was friendly to us behaved in this way we had virtually no problems. In addition to Arabic here speak French, Spanish some English and very little German. Smile and flourish right hand in greeting is normal. Children are asked of us sweets and adults t-shirts, cigarettes and alcohol to the north. Often offered as guides and the like. For which you then ask about a reward. This may not always be pleasant, but it is true that we sometimes provide good information. Usually have a problem orientate the map, but show us the direction always reliable. Perhaps one day we arrived in Erfoud, where we visited the local museum of minerals and fossils. It was an experience for us because this gave the museum exhibits look really closely. Finally, our boy, who worked at the museum, also introduced into workshops, where the induction of rocks looking for fossils. Just when we were there, so they could find really large trilobite. Several fossils we purchased from them and we continued into town Rissani. In the city we let the local barber shave, which was not expensive and we were working with the barber really happy. Also thanks to the merchant with whom we drank strong mint tea, we could see the places where we would own about nepozreli. These were areas where the inhabitants lived in houses located in covered streets, allowing them to high summer temperatures provide nice shade. We also continue to partly rocky and partly sandy gun to Erg Chebbi. They are sand dunes 15 to 20 m high, which conceal an oasis. Here, we released the pressure of the tires at about 1 atm. Can I write that Toyota, even if fully loaded, that managed to ride the dunes with no problems. We met Ibrahim, 22 year old boy who drove us to the oasis and showed us the place where the stone was mined, full of fossilized animals that metamorphism was probably the seabed.

Next we went to the Great Atlas mountain range, on top of which is given to distinguish snow from a distance. The asphalt road, we turned aside to turn the piston and we passed through small villages, where we purchased women from local bread, baked in small circular kilns. Taste was really excellent. Atlas led the way through 2200 m in height and everywhere along it are stalls with vendors who offer minerals and fossils.

On the other side of the mountain city of Marrakech we waited. I think this is well known to tourists, along with its marketplace, where they negotiate prices. It is worth noting for us a bit chaotic right. Over time we have but the method used to driving in cities.

Our route was further to the west coast and the city of Safi, which is famous for the production of ceramics and in the direction of Casablanca, where we are with Toyota “entangled” in a market where we really sweat while driving. From there we headed to Meknes and Fes. North of Meknes, we visited the historic Roman city of Volubilis. In his search can easily imagine, it looked like its original form and is certainly of interest to anyone interested in history.

Fes was pleasant dissolution of the larger cities and from here we headed north to the port town of Nador. Here we went through customs control, customs officers when we zrentgenovali cars along with trucks. Did we have some forms and we know we ferry, a 7-hour voyage got back on the European continent. I think that Morocco, particularly outside of cities presents us with the old world, old habits with a fantastic nature and is suitable for travelers who want to create the idea of northwest Africa.

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