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15. Ecuador – Colombia

We are at the border in Ecuador, everything runs smoothly and we are heading for a few minutes along the beautiful road to the interior. Here we will ride! 1 liter of diesel costs the equivalent of the 5Kč, which is ridiculous against the price of diesel in the country. Ecuador is a beautiful tropical country with deep forests and finally had to neplahočíme in the desert, but the drive through the beautiful green countryside. Sarka the habit that when camping in the woods must be alert and be careful where and what pedals. It would be unfortunate if a snake bit her, there’s dost.Většinou are trying to find a sleeping place, where the short grass or gravel to keep track. That’s pretty important person in a few months in those countries too blunt and does not care, but it is a mistake! Care should be taken at all. If there was any more complicated injury is another way. I want to devote at least one day in Ecuador, car maintenance, so we’re setting the Toyota service and arranges everything.
The staff is very helpful and friendly quiz on our way and the quality of the car. The boss pays us promotional material to their showroom and eventually do not want to pay for work done and wish us a safe journey. We do not understand, it has not happened to us! 🙂

The restaurant at the Motor Show, we have a great lunch for $ 3. These prices still surprise us! Car after we control, we still need to wash it and solve the cracked hinge rear door. I need vysoustružit pin and fix the hinge. We wonder where we can find a local shop with a lathe. One man willing to advise us where we find a turner. OK. there we go, this is the way towards the border with Colombia. In a small village we find a locksmith workshop and we hoďku hinge repaired.

We pay ridiculous five dollars. Ecuador is a country very cheap indeed ……. Finally, we turn to travel in peace. On the way to the capital city is an area where even today there are villages of natives who live as before. They are conspicuous red colored hair, live in harmony in nature and are very friendly to foreigners.

We are moving slowly toward the equator, which intersects Ecuador, about 25km north of the capital Quito. Unfortunately, no new road marking the equator as is the case in Africa. The fact that we are on the equator, we know only by the GPS. The old road is said to be some indication, but it is somewhere in the valley below us and it is used only minimally.

Ecuador is a big country so a few days we find ourselves at the border to Colombia.

The formalities will take place smoothly and in an hour we leave the border and head into the first Colombian city. We need to find an ATM and pick up the local currency, we can work in a new country.

In Colombia, it is absolutely normal that the roads are numerous police and military control. It is well known that the Colombian government with the support of the U.S. is trying to eradicate illegal coca cultivation and therefore every possible means of fighting the local drug mafia.

We do not mind these burns because the police are very polite to us. Passing through this land to the north and sleep in local villages. Colombia is our last South American country. Therefore, our way towards the port city of Cartagena. The road does not lead Colombia to Panama. Trans continental road leading south from South America to Alaska, is interrupted in these places and Colombia can only leave by boat or by air. In the border region with Panama lies Darien National Park and through that, unfortunately, no way does. It’s strange, it is only about 100km, but the Colombian government has consented to the construction of the road leading to Panama. This gives us a little complicated our way, we loaded the car and send a ship to Panama, we can continue to the north.

We arrive to Cartagena. The first night we sleep in the stables area. We saw the road directional advertising board and turned. Sarka loves horses and everything around them. After we made stable by the holder. Completely by chance we found ourselves in one of the best stables in Colombia. Prices for horses to climb into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We were invited to a delicious dinner and we were offered overnight accommodation in a nearby hotel. We declined with thanks. We are already accustomed to our car. The next day we Karlos (stable owner) arranged a meeting with his friends, who got us to contact you with shipping company in transporting cars. Karlos has helped us very much and we take this opportunity very much and thank you 🙂 Since the ship sails for several days, we have time to see the old historic center of Cartagena.

It is really something to watch, Spanish colonial architecture is beautiful. The old town is surrounded by the original fortifications and nearby military fort. It’s time delivery of our Toyota at the port. It’s morning and I leave with Sarka in a hotel room with the car and head to port. Everything must be checked and information antinarkotická police know it is a very thorough inspection. No information really did not lie, the car looking at us for about two hours and finally there are still practiced by the desert psa.Vracím taxi to the hotel after about three hours. Remained in a special car park at the port. It will be loaded on the ship who takes new cars and transported to the port of Colon in Panama.

We now have to find transportation for us. I have a few tips from locals. In Panama you can get on a private yacht (price per person of about 300 USD), or a cargo ship who takes coconuts, the price I found, as I found in port only about three ships carry as coconut, but they were in such terrible condition that Sarka refused to go somewhere with them. We finally got a ticket directly to Panama City. The next day we leave the direction of Panama. Goodbye Columbia, you’re beautiful and you were very friendly to us.

Milan and Sarka

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