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14th Peru

It’s morning and we cross the border into Peru chaotic. The boundary is a few kilometers from the lake and we Titicata its surroundings, of course, carefully exploring. We find the famous Sun Gate, excavation area and are looking forward to visit the floating islands.

The famous lake Titicata us a little bit disappointed, however, floating islands are great tourist attractions. It’s actually such a museum, indigenous peoples do not live here long ago, only to demonstrate a way of life on these islands. Guide will show you the way building a floating island and for a fee you can ride on an Indian ship. We all graduated from the lake and headed toward the city of Arequipa. Here is a beautiful historic square from the time of Spanish domination.

On the way from Lake Titicata Ariguipy we turned to the Colca Canyon, where we spent a wonderful three days and drove up the canyon to its end in the desert. Impatient at these places waiting for the arrival of the famous Dakar Rally race. It is amazing to watch racing cars and motorcycles in the desert. Unfortunately, in these places was not going our best Tatra controlled Ales. We learn the sad news that crashed Tatra.

Other teams and continue to hold the leading positions of the field. The world is small and we shall always convince. We meet a man named Tony, is from Holland and from 1/2 year ago, we met him on the ferry from Spain to Morocco. It can not be overlooked, because it crosses the world on his Harley with a trailer. Tony is a super guy, we spent several days with him and one steamy night.

Say goodbye to Tony he continues to Lima, where he will finish the race and we’re going through Nasco Cuzca.Je into a beautiful city situated between the mountains, was once the capital of the Inca empire. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this city and it’s vidět.V center are expensive restaurants, many shops with souvenirs and hotely.Památky and history is a good promotional item. Well, to be in Peru and not visit Cuzco or Makchu pikchu is stupid. We do this almost absolvujeme duty and return the same way again to Nancy, where patterns are known in the desert. The tour is possible either from aircraft or from a steel tower about 10m high. Peru is a big country, along the Pacific coast to the west is the desert, in the eastern jungles and deep divide all beautiful Andes, which stretch from the south to Peru sever.My we were about a month and it’s really worth it. I personally prefer the mountains and the eastern side of the country near the border with Brazil. Indian village, and all tributaries of the Amazon live in the impenetrable jungle.

We got the car up to the old village founded by German and Austrian farmers from around 250lety.Je Oxapampa in the area and village deep in the jungle is Pozuzo. Even today the local see that in their veins European blood. We were in this place about 10 days and then we crossed the Andes to the capital Lima, where my friend arrived and was replaced by Sarka Karlos spolujezdce.Karlos place after four months of house flies to South Africa Traveling with him was great, maybe we’ll meet in Vladivostok and sail together across Russia to Europe, but it is still far away. Now we are in Lime and go north to Ekvadoru.Cesta leads again to the desert and close to the border with Ecuador begins landscape green. Around us are starting to appear and the first trees we slowly discover that the desert gave way and about to meet up with her in Mexico. The boundaries are before us. What are we waiting for some adventure in Ecuador.??

Milan, Karlos and Sarka and I 🙂

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