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12th Uruguay-Argentina

Uruguay is a country on the east coast between Brazil and Argentina. Nature in Uruguay is very similar to ours, a lot of European immigrants remained in Uruguay and did not continue further into the interior of S. America. The road network is excellent, towns and villages clean and very European. We went through this country from north to south. We slept in the woods and farms.
The Uruguay is a wonderful thing, local people use and own many veterans. There is a common encounter on the road before the car from the war years. This is certainly appreciated by fans of historical cars.

For us, Uruguay has served as a transit country back to Argentina. Cross the boundaries of the south-west and connects to the highway back to Buenos Aires. There will be long and boring journey from B.A. south to Patagonia. Week 3500 km still going straight past us only pampa everywhere along the road fence. This means that to find the set of sleeping is very difficult. For motorcyclists, this path the more difficult that blows from the south very strong wind.

We were glad to have this stretch of our journey in a row. Southern tip of South America had divided the two countries, Argentina and Chile. We must therefore cross over into Chile and again after 300 km to enter Argentina. We’re heading to Ushuaia is an Argentine city situated on the southernmost tip of the continent. Argentines call him Fin El Mundo (the end of the world) for us is the southernmost point of the city world tour.

Finally pampas disappeared and we drive through beautiful mountains and camp in the crystalline lakes. Several times we experience even a snow blizzard and the temperature is around 10 ° C during the day and within 5 ° C at night. Ushuai welcomes us beautiful weather. We are looking for camping, we parked the car and walk to town. Travelers will discover how many ways could visit the nearby islands and the wealthier is not a problem to visit the Arctic, which is really short.

City Museum in Ushuai is wonderful, I highly recommend to all. It tells you that this city was actually founded as a prison colony. The beginning of construction had to be terrible. We spent a week exploring the city and its surroundings. I recommend the Ushuai mountains. We had a wonderful trek into the mountains. The time has come out and we very much want to. In the forest near Ushuai spend last night and familiarize with two Argentine trackers. Boy and girl students headed the same direction as us. We take them and two days with us going in the direction of Punta Arenas. Planted at the intersection is changing the addresses, and our paths divide.

We arrive in a small fishing town of Puerto Natales. It’s a beautiful place. Clean water in the Gulf of fresh air, friendly people, it offers all this part of Chilean Patagonia. We spend three days here. One of our batteries in the car was completely gone, so we have to buy a new one. We’re going to trade in car parts and gas stations we meet three hikers from Poland. We can arrange that will go with us into the mountains where the peaks of Torres del Paine. This natural gem is about 50km from P. Natales to the north.

The National Park Torres del Paine is really fantastic. Will participate together with the guys trek in the national park. The boys are on the road already traveled to Australia 14 months, arrived in Buenos Aires and stop to get to Puerto Natales. We agreed that they could go with us because we have the same path to the north. We returned back to Argentina and went on road number 40 towards the mountains, where the top of Fitzroy. Other natural jewel of this part of Patagonia.

FitzRoy on the way we stop at the famous Moreno Glacier. One of the few glaciers in the world that does not melt, but rather increases it is amazing to see from close how often robbing several-ton blocks of ice and rushing into the lake. I must say that Patagonia is for me one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Continue along the dusty road number 40 towards the Argentine city of Mendoza.

This area is famous for excellent wine. Every night we test a bottle vína.Dobre then falls asleep. :-) Boys from Poland are super.Stejna blood group as we set off every night until late cest.Kolem us stories of mountains and only divocina.Co more could we prat.Opoustime Mendoza region and bound nar.parku Aconkagua.Zde J.Ameriky is the highest mountain (6959 m Aconkagua). trek to the mountain is possible, but we do not partake in it, we come up to 4800, but then go down and drive the direction of Chile hranici.Tim leave Argentina for good.

Other songs spun from Chile. Milan and Karlos

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