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11th Argentina – Brazil

So finally we have a new continent. In South America I was very pleased, because I love mountains and ancient culture. The first stage in South America will attend with a friend from South Africa Karlos. It’s a cunning adventurer and world traveler, so there is no any problems. It is night and we find ourselves after a long flight to the international airport in Buenos Aires. As always the first way leads to an ATM, we had no transportation to the city center.

We need to find a hotel in which we live, at least one week for processing of port and customs formalities relating to the Toyota pick-up from the port terminal. Buenos Aires is a great city and we soon managed to find quite a decent hotel at a reasonable price. The next day I start to process the documents regarding the collection auta.Celý process takes about 5 days. And we spend 5 days of running, the various offices and sightseeing.

Buenos Aires is famous old town district of La Boca where the streets dancing tango. Of course, only for tourists. The district is also known football club, which started the famous Marodona and just at the time of our visit, Buenos Aires soccer club Boca won the Argentine Cup. I do not have to describe what was happening in the city streets when the winning goal. Argentines are very lively and wholeheartedly love football.

Finally the day came when we drive by taxi to the port to pick up the car. Despite the various checks we get to the place of the container depot, where a container is ready for us. A customs officer přestřihává seal, opens the door and I finally after a long time to see our great Toyota. It has spilled from the tires to fit the height of the container. And it is a dusty, apparently she was in the container indicate no power. I try to start, but the battery is half empty. Even in the warehouse that have forklift, which helps Toyota pulled out of the container and start. Mounted on an aluminum roof boxes, reserve and return to the front winch bumper.

Go from the port and the heavy traffic headed for our hotel. The hotel car park and brushing cleaning the interior of the car. The next day we set out, and finally, we head north to the border with Brazil. Right on the border are known to Iguazu Falls (also known as Devil’s throat)

Three days of 1700 km takes us a long way to Iguazu. In northern Argentina are regular police road check points, where police were almost always stop and invent a pretext to get both of us some money. This is reel in the front bumper, hitch in the rear bumper, etc. Reportedly in Argentina are those things on the vehicle and it prohibited the car from Europe is not interested. Only in one case paying a fine, in other cases it uhádáme. After all these twists and turns, finally arrived in Iguazu. After entering the national park are waterfalls where we can get an amazing view of the mass of water that disappears into a deep canyon.

Falls lies on the River Iguazu, which forms the border between Brazil and Argentina, so both sides are popular tourist sites, from which spectacular views of this natural wonder. I recommend the Brazilian side. I think the view from this side is absolutely the best. Our next trip goes to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro.
Brazil is a beautiful country and really surprised us excellent quality of local roads. Drivers going very quickly and dangerously. When driving I must be very careful to make something happen. The road leading to Rio via Sao Paulo, which is pretty amazing, orientation in the center without GPS is really unimaginable. I have already passed when traveling much of the world’s metropolises, São Paulo, but I rank in second place in Delhi.

Finally, we are in Rio. I must admit that we are very disappointed, and because we expected something completely different than what is real. Rio is located on the beautiful coast, has two large beaches, Christ on rock, sugar cane (special shaped rock) and that’s it. Streets, houses, hotels and restaurants line the steel bars and fences. Due to the fact that crime is very high with these measures, nor surprised. But it looks awful. We spend several days in Rio and then we leave to the south to Uruguay. The way back leads through Sao Paulo, but then turns right along the coast south to the border with Uruguay.

On the way visit to the border town of Blumenau (town founded by German immigrants). In vain looking for a German pub, where we would like lunch. It’s been many years since there was heard mostly German, now the city is 100% Brazilian, German history is visible only on the architecture. Finally, after many kilometers we arrive at the border with Uruguay.
We need to ask several times where the office of customs officers and police. The boundary is not at all, and cars pass uncontrollably. We obviously need the necessary stamp in passports and Arnette. Take care there in the winter and we are heading to Uruguay.

Milan and Karlos

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