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10th South Africa and home

We leave Namibia and cross the border into South Africa. Customs officers are willing and in a moment we uháníme the beautiful road in the direction of South Africa, Cape Town. South Africa is beautiful, but it annoys me that there not be camping in the wild. Roads are lined with fences and does not go off the road outside. Therefore you can only sleep at rest areas or find a camp official. Camping in South Africa is quite a lot, prices range 300Kč-600CZK per night for two people. We arrived in Cape Town, visiting this city is always an experience for me. Table Mountain, beautiful beaches on the south end of town, etc. We left the car parked in the parking lot on the hill opposite the mesa and went for a walk on the beautiful prospects. Stunning views of the city and the surrounding coastline fascinated us. We return to the car park and a couple of my Czech health. “Hello,” it was a pleasant surprise. The first meeting after 7 months of traveling to Africa with expatriates. Two boys from Slovakia, guides and travel agencies operating in South Africa, and takes tourists to Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We had a beer in a beach restaurant and talked about Africa. It was nice meeting you guys were great.

From Cape Town we went around the coast to the village of Gans Bay and then to nejjižnějišímu tip of the African continent. For Michael it was the first visit to the southernmost tip, so I made close to a museum in the old lighthouse. We Propátrali telescope around and looking for the whales. Unfortunately, this time we have seen nothing. With Sarka we’re watching orcas. They sleep in the parking lot this morning and continues the direction of Port Elizabeth. Approaching the time of our departure back home. We even arrange for car transport to Buenos Aires. We agree with what we do and how. Coming up April and the southern hemisphere winter of brewing. In Argentina, where I’m looking forward to visit Patagonia and especially where it is most appropriate in the summer, ie. in November, December. Riding in Patagonia in May-June, the stupidity. We plan, advise and choose the next option. Leave the car ready for my friend Charles, who lives in East Lodnon and discuss with him that the car will carry only the port in late August. There he was loaded and the transport company will carry the container to Buenos Aires. So there you have him pick me and Sarka. Journey across the ocean takes about a month, so it will be in Buenos Aires in late September.

OK, so it was … everything is planned and we continue through the Port Elizabeth to East London. We welcome with Charles after two months since we last saw him, explain our plan. With all agree and we are preparing Toyota for loading the container. Everything we mine from the roof into the car. Winch from the front bumper rather too tidy in the car. Bleed water from the shower and liquidate the rest of the food. The car is ready, cleaned up, only to transfer to the port. We agree with the shipping company, we can see details of the shipment, etc.

Now is the day of departure, to say goodbye to Karl Heinz at the airport in East London and pass a few hour flight to Prague. We look forward to the family, my friends, but we are at the heart of Africa. I’m sure I will return here. Already in my head of the secret plans.

Milan, and Michael Sarka (already healthy and ready for another adventure)

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