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09th Zambia and Namibia

So we’re back to familiar places in Zambia. Šárka I remember, as we experienced the disease and thought to have malaria. We’re headed to a beautiful camp Crokodil Creek. I welcome with the owner and tell them what to Sarka and how everything happened with her illness. We spend one night here, a BBQ and watch the Zambezi River on the bank of the campsite is located. It starts raining again and we are hiding in the car. All night the storm and torrential rain. Zambezi River is swollen and I look forward to seeing Victoria Falls full of water. When we were here with Sarka and the drought and water was not much. We arrive in the town of Livingstone in the vicinity of Victoria Falls lies. Represents at memorial Emil Holub (Czech explorer). Again, we are surrounded by local merchants and one even remembers me while I was with Sarka. We are changing with them their native products, bracelets, statues of animals, etc. in an old shirt and a knife. For us and for a good deal about them, too. Farewell, and we headed to the falls. Victoria Falls I have already described in the article … … … on the way to Sarka. It was a period of drought, but now the rainy season and the Zambezi River is full of water, ie. The waterfalls thunder at full strength. Amazing sound, but the spray is so large that, unfortunately, nothing is visible. We are all wet and see nothing. We paid the entrance to the waterfalls, and now we just thank you for a great shower. We now look at the huge cloud of spray that rises from the falls and we leave Livingstounu, the direction of the border with Namibia. In Namibia I’m looking forward, it’s a beautiful country. There is a lot of people, there are the beautiful bush and desert. Namibia me just growing on him. After 400 kilometers and cross the border heading north to the falls Rucana. It lies directly on the border with Angola and the Kunene River, which actually forms the border is full of crocodiles. This area is beautiful countryside, where wild animals are wild. Camping in the bush is not a problem and a local Himba tribe village domordců are as old as time travelers as conquering Africa. Simply amazing. Waterfalls Rucana are interesting, but we are setting out towards the west along the dirt road next to the name of Epupa Falls. They are really beautiful and fully accessible. Our journey along the Kunene river is quite challenging because we often have to drive through deep fords, and we fear that the Western. About halfway through the route turns to the detour, there’s nothing else to do. The path along the river is completely flooded. Spend nights in open bush and evenings by the fire are amazing. Night sounds of the bush, the sky full of stars, what more can one want. In a few days we get to the falls Epupa. Fantasy, beautiful, can not describe it. The river plunges into a deep canyon below us, about our wonderful trees, flowers, air and airless spray. I hate to say goodbye to the border areas along the river, but time is running out and we need to continue.

Passing through the bush towards Etosha National Park. I was there, but not Michael, so there we go. One night camping in the bush at the northern boundary of the park. I cook dinner, Mischa is looking for firewood. It’s getting dark, we are near a dried riverbed. It is almost dark when I finish, and reap the table. In it you will hear our famous hyena, which often enough poison in the evening in the bush. Always drive the fire. They are not dangerous for us right now, maybe there’s fire, perhaps for the very weak man, yes. But we have another serious problem ahead of the bushes about 20 yards from the car to hear a lion’s growl. So we know exactly what that means. Heck, even the always camping on the spot where a little perspective. Lioness sitting in the bushes and mručí toward us. I can say that so fast I still campy furniture failed. Jump in the car and lights up the light. Meanwhile, the lion moved somewhere behind us. Starting and leaving, I’m not going to be dinner for a cat, that is a four-legged cat. After about 5 km are focusing on a paved road and stopping at a rest stop. That night we sleep on the road. Next day we drive through Etosha, Tsumeb and head for the Skeleton Coast. The boundary of the park “Skeleton Coast” gain permission to enter the middle of a park and uháníme desert beyond. The coast is very barren desert and actually disappears in the waves of the Atlantic. It must have been terrible for sailors from shipwrecks, who are looking for in these places drinking water and had no idea that the desert stretches far inland. Most of all perished from thirst. Hence the name “Skeleton Coast”. We found only a skeleton of a whale and a huge colony of sea lions. One of us even tried to bite, because he slept so soundly that we were able to bring him to the exigencies of filming a few. We thought he was dead, he suddenly opened his eyes, bared teeth, and we ran. It was a comical situation. In the desert, the Skeleton Coast for nothing else is watching. We visited several old shipwrecks, which are washed aground and we headed toward the town’s Svakopmund. There is an amazing German inn, where a great cook. Pork with dumplings and beer was great.

The next day we continue towards the famous dunes of Sossusvlei desert. The landscape here is beautiful, dusty paths. In the mountains we drive through a ford across the river and you break the rear tire. Quite a big hole, we must remove the cloak and fix it.

Of course, I reserve, we also have enough time, so it will fix. Two hours is all fixed and we spend nights in open desert. Again, a beautiful night full of stars. Namibia is amazing, we pass it towards Fish River Canyon (Fish River Canon). Along the way, conditions in the small village of Grunau where a small car. When traveling through the Congo with Sarka are on the wrong track damaged front bumper, which leaked from the oil and stop control. Company Dajbych shock me happy vyreklamovala and I mounted a new front shock absorbers. I noticed that when you got hit in the Congo, thus damaging the lower hinge dampers. And now the road is gradually lower hinge damage that snapped and fell. The garage was in Grunau old gentleman, whom I explained what I need. Loaned me a welder, let me go to channel into the shop and I have a cracked hinge welded in peace. He was so willing to let us stay overnight with them. They were nice people. I promised them that we send them our beautiful view of Prague. From Grunau we slowly headed back to South Africa, but until next time.

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