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08th South Africa, Botswana

At the airport waiting for us Karl. Happily go to him and I am pointing out the luggage. Karl has a Toyota Hilux. Uháníme through East London to his house. Finally good to see our car. It’s actually not even a car for me there. It is a home and a reliable partner. I hope that I am disappointed with the reliability. Next day we launch the car, plug the battery, pumping oil into the pump and starts. The engine starts instantly. Beautiful six-cylinder sound is like beautiful music to my ears. Exchange the front shock absorbers that have been damaged from the Congo, dotankovávám water for showering and stores to buy your next trip.

The next morning we set the direction Drakensberg and Lesotho. The road is beautiful, not much traffic, asphalt. South Africa is mostly asphalt, but some secondary roads are gravel. We stop at a familiar place, where I was with Sarka. The beautiful coastline is surrounded by dense forest remnants. Michal show an old ship wreck that forty years ago these places failed on the rocks. They sleep in the wild woods and the next day heading to the Drakensberg mountains. The city Umtatasi I notice a small board, which in turn draws attention to the falls. Cornering, and after 10 km we are impressed with wonderful big waterfall. Nor do we know what it’s called, obviously tourists have disappeared, a local boy made us a book in which we write. Pay nothing and write it into the book our names and country of which we are.

Continuing further on towards Kokstad and Underberg. Spend nights in open at a rest stop along the road the next day and arrive in the Drakensberg mountains. Beautiful, amazing is right, covered with grass rises to the occurrence of contrast with the azure blue sky.

Turns towards Sani Pass, where a border crossing in the small country on behalf of Lesotho. Lesotho is a beautiful mountainous country, where nature is very similar to the Drakensberg mountains. The Sani Pass gravel path leads, sometimes enough to break, but for us it’s the highway. After Kong has every lane freeways. Despite the way the stream flows at times with clean water and then disappear into the deep valley below us. We arrive at the customs point near the top of Sani Pass. A customs officer explains that on the road impassable. Stone avalanche collapsed on the road and it was ripped off. We have to back and it means that we can visit the renowned Tavern on the top of Sani Pass, which is full of souvenirs from various travelers from all over the world. I’ve got a tip from her friends and I’m sorry that we could not put it there beer and chat with the owner. We ride down the valley and looking for a place to sleep. This time it’s a small campsite. The next day we continue along the mountains Løten direction.

At noon, parked at the entrance to a farm and cook lunch. It starts raining and we stopped the farmer who goes to the farm gate. We talk with him and he invites us to snacks into his house. We agree and we go after him. The farm is about 2km from the entrance. A beautiful farm is located directly below the mountains. The house on the farm where the farmer lives is amazing. It looks more like Beverly Hilsa than Africa. Swimming pool, bar, etc., two servants serve us, and we are enjoying a beer and COFFE. I tell the travel and he asked the Czech Republic. It is a fan of the ultra light aircraft and also one’s own (the house has a small airport). He explains to me that the Czech Republic is the largest manufacturer of ultra light aircraft in the world, I did not know. He teaches me how it is with those planes, and I’m glad to know our country. Mostly because nobody knows where the Czech Republic, although sometimes know our football players, but nobody knows where he is Czech. If they knew how it is beautiful here, I would definitely come for a vacation. The Czech Republic is really beautiful, with each country visited on my travels to always remember. Farewell to the farmer and his wife are very nice people. We offer lodging, but we refuse. I feel better in the car, sleeping in the camp does not bother me. I prefer somewhere in the wild in the woods, or in the bush, but in South Africa and the majority must sleep in the camps. Possibility to go into the forest are almost everything is fenced. Private property is everywhere, all fenced. They sleep in the camp as we recommended a farmer. The owner of the camp although it is quite drunk, but nevertheless we agree on price and fast asleep.

The next day we continue along the Drakensberg mountains toward the highway that leads to Johanesburku and Pretoria. We leave the Drakensberg Mountains and swallow miles of boring highway. Johannes Passing through Burke where we do not intend to stay and spend nights in open lake Harthesspont, which flows into the Crocodile River. The camp is completely empty, we were alone.

The next day we get to the border with Botswana. After small issues that have to deal with our embassy in Johanesburku we get to the territory of Botswana. Czechs no longer need is fresh visa to Botswana and officials at the border did not know it yet. I had to contact our embassy and the Czech embassy staff willing to arrange everything. Small delays are matter. It’s getting dark and we parked in a campsite called “Lion Camp”. Now we know why. Every day for dinner at the camp fence, heard growling lion and the lions are going to hunt. We hope that the fence is solid and fall asleep. The next day we have to Gaborone (capital city of Botswana) to settle a visa to Namibia. I know it will take 3 days, so the Lions camp we spent a total of 3 nights. The lion’s roar We come in peace every night grill fresh beef. I enjoy great steaks. Finally we have a visa and we go to the center direction of the salt pans of Botswana. Unfortunately we can not pass, fall into the mud. It is the rainy season and the salt pans are passable only in dry season. Ntwetwe salt pans are the endless plains that looks like cracked, dry desert with saline soil, unfortunately inaccessible to us.

For several days we get to the town of Maun, which arrange entry into national parks, Moremi and Chobe. In Maun, we must pay for camping in those parks and the entrances to the park. In Moremi to pay parking in the camp “Third Bridge” and Chobe, it’s camp “Savuti. Moremi National Park is situated in the Okavango Delta and Chobe Park is on the way towards the Okavango delta of the Zambezi River, which forms the border between Botswana and Zambia. Boundary touches the river in a small place and across the river to get to Zambia by ferry. Now get back into the sea where we spent wonderful moments. Within the park we entered the south gate, where we learn what and how. Where is the way to our camp and what to expect along the way by surprise. It is the rainy season and we have to pass a few deep fords, before we get into camp. Passing through 40 km long path full of beautiful nature, animals and especially not one tourist nepotkáváme or another car. Simply amazing.

Delta is full of water and we really need to ride deeper couple of fords. Toyota easily handles all night and we parked in our reserved campsite. I am a little nervous when I communicated at the reception camp, they do not have fences that separated us from wild animals and that we can count on a visit to hyenas and possibly with some lion. “Well, nothing new” I think the car and prepare to sleep. Cook dinner around is darkness, only to hear in the distance are the elephants. Beautiful night, came a lion, hyena, and neither the next day we continue on wildlife. The delta is the number of small lakes which are just around the hippos and wildlife. Just like a dream. At one Ford fit into the mud, but in another attempt to get to solid ground. We must be careful, you always have to identify the correct entry in the Ford and the correct exit. I would not have a car drowned. While we have the opportunity to go deep water about 130cm, but if the bottom mud, so we are screwed. Fortunately, everything is OK and we are on the rocky path leading to the Chobe National Park.

Nature around us is amazing. I do not even realize they are wild animals around us, we take it for granted. Elephants and antelope are everywhere, sometimes giraffes, African wild dog, etc. Just keep the lion in front of us hiding somewhere. Arriving at the Chobe and Savuti are heading to camp. Again, no fence, again about our wildlife. But this time I cook dinner, and there are close to us appears an elephant. I know how to do it. I’ll take two metal pots and mlátím to them about themselves. Elephant lazily turns and heads in the bush. Got it natrénované from Zambia, where elephants are so repulsed with Sarka Crokodil Creek campsite. In the morning the car around the hyenas, but they are shy and will flee when I open the door. Our way slowly towards the ONU border to the Zambezi River, where the old are focusing on a ferry and while we’re on the territory of Zambia. Small haggling with customs and police at the border because of the bribe requested by them. It’s always a struggle, but it is known and will not give up. Vše dopadá OK after payment víz we arrived in Zambia, but the next time.

Power salute from the Zambezi River Milan and Misha.

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