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07. JAR and sick Sarka

Hello from South Africa. Continuing along the coast towards East London. The beautiful landscape around the road, alternating with picturesque villages. People feel like somewhere in Europe. Sarka has strong cramps in the stomach, we have again to the hospital. I’m starting to think about the option to park a car in East London and fly to the Republic for Christmas. Hopefully it will solve the health problems Sarka and our family will be happy to see us after six months. We arrive in town and looking Kirkwod hospital. For a while already parked in front of the hospital and look surgery. Takes us nurse willing to explain what the problem Sarka and where we are. Sarka undergo several tests and the conclusion is that it has a strong stomach inflammation. He gets an antibiotic injection and the next morning, we come to inspect. It is raining and quite cold. The town is quite nice parks and camp where they sleep. It’s raining all night and Sarka is still in severe pain. In the morning we are back in the hospital. We wait in the waiting room at the doctor, but after 15minutách choose to pursue Moving to East London to the known health problem and will try to resolve there.

Later that evening, parked in the garden at the Charles E. London. Karl welcomes us, and I just explain what is happening and how it is with Sarka. It is the end of November, a couple of weeks are Christmas. The next day they decide we’re going home! Parked at the Charles is not a problem. We reserve tickets and preparing the car for parking. Disconnecting the battery, bleed water from the shower, all clean and pack only essential items. Next morning we start a local service to Johanesburku and then pass its international routes to Dubai and then to Prague. That I was always flying pretty upset we spend on the plane by about 17 hours. However, in Prague, we have a good mood, and our path leads straight to the hospital. Sarka problem be resolved about a month, because during the treatment are the Christmas holidays. It’s nice to spend Christmas with his family. Really appreciate it, as a family we have and how to support us and help. Without such help we could not travel this way.

I can fulfill my childhood dreams and Sarka poor way this time took to health problems. Today, everything is already OK and I plan to return to Africa, where I continue to travel. A little adjusting the original plan and still want to visit Botswana where the gorgeous river delta Okawango. Sarka time remains in CR, where after-care experiences of their illness, and I’m leaving back to Africa with his older son Michael. Michael in Africa has never been and still is for him a good life experience. Again, we spend hours on the plane and again after a few weeks we find ourselves at the airport in East London. It’s muggy and warm, and we look forward to further adventures. I am impatient when I see again my beautiful square love Toyota.

So next time you get back up again. This time, the entire South Africa, Botswana, Zambia again and again in Namibia. Then come back to South Africa to prepare Toyota and Karl into the container.

Awaiting her big boat trip to Buenos Aires.

Milan and ill Sarka

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