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15. Ecuador – Colombia

We are at the border in Ecuador, everything runs smoothly and we are heading for a few minutes along the beautiful road to the interior. Here we will ride! 1 liter of diesel costs the equivalent of the 5Kč, which is ridiculous against the price of diesel in the country. Ecuador is a beautiful tropical country with deep forests and finally had to neplahočíme in the desert, but the drive through the beautiful green countryside. Sarka the habit that when camping in the woods must be alert and be careful where and what pedals. It would be unfortunate if a snake bit her, there’s dost.Většinou are trying to find a sleeping place, where the short grass or gravel to keep track. That’s pretty important person in a few months in those countries too blunt and does not care, but it is a mistake! Care should be taken at all. If there was any more complicated injury is another way. I want to devote at least one day in Ecuador, car maintenance, so we’re setting the Toyota service and arranges everything.
The staff is very helpful and friendly quiz on our way and the quality of the car. The boss pays us promotional material to their showroom and eventually do not want to pay for work done and wish us a safe journey. We do not understand, it has not happened to us! :-)

The restaurant at the Motor Show, we have a great lunch for $ 3. These prices still surprise us! Car after we control, we still need to wash it and solve the cracked hinge rear door. I need vysoustružit pin and fix the hinge. We wonder where we can find a local shop with a lathe. One man willing to advise us where we find a turner. OK. there we go, this is the way towards the border with Colombia. In a small village we find a locksmith workshop and we hoďku hinge repaired.

We pay ridiculous five dollars. Ecuador is a country very cheap indeed ……. Finally, we turn to travel in peace. On the way to the capital city is an area where even today there are villages of natives who live as before. They are conspicuous red colored hair, live in harmony in nature and are very friendly to foreigners.

We are moving slowly toward the equator, which intersects Ecuador, about 25km north of the capital Quito. Unfortunately, no new road marking the equator as is the case in Africa. The fact that we are on the equator, we know only by the GPS. The old road is said to be some indication, but it is somewhere in the valley below us and it is used only minimally.

Ecuador is a big country so a few days we find ourselves at the border to Colombia.

The formalities will take place smoothly and in an hour we leave the border and head into the first Colombian city. We need to find an ATM and pick up the local currency, we can work in a new country.

In Colombia, it is absolutely normal that the roads are numerous police and military control. It is well known that the Colombian government with the support of the U.S. is trying to eradicate illegal coca cultivation and therefore every possible means of fighting the local drug mafia.

We do not mind these burns because the police are very polite to us. Passing through this land to the north and sleep in local villages. Colombia is our last South American country. Therefore, our way towards the port city of Cartagena. The road does not lead Colombia to Panama. Trans continental road leading south from South America to Alaska, is interrupted in these places and Colombia can only leave by boat or by air. In the border region with Panama lies Darien National Park and through that, unfortunately, no way does. It’s strange, it is only about 100km, but the Colombian government has consented to the construction of the road leading to Panama. This gives us a little complicated our way, we loaded the car and send a ship to Panama, we can continue to the north.

We arrive to Cartagena. The first night we sleep in the stables area. We saw the road directional advertising board and turned. Sarka loves horses and everything around them. After we made stable by the holder. Completely by chance we found ourselves in one of the best stables in Colombia. Prices for horses to climb into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We were invited to a delicious dinner and we were offered overnight accommodation in a nearby hotel. We declined with thanks. We are already accustomed to our car. The next day we Karlos (stable owner) arranged a meeting with his friends, who got us to contact you with shipping company in transporting cars. Karlos has helped us very much and we take this opportunity very much and thank you :-) Since the ship sails for several days, we have time to see the old historic center of Cartagena.

It is really something to watch, Spanish colonial architecture is beautiful. The old town is surrounded by the original fortifications and nearby military fort. It’s time delivery of our Toyota at the port. It’s morning and I leave with Sarka in a hotel room with the car and head to port. Everything must be checked and information antinarkotická police know it is a very thorough inspection. No information really did not lie, the car looking at us for about two hours and finally there are still practiced by the desert psa.Vracím taxi to the hotel after about three hours. Remained in a special car park at the port. It will be loaded on the ship who takes new cars and transported to the port of Colon in Panama.

We now have to find transportation for us. I have a few tips from locals. In Panama you can get on a private yacht (price per person of about 300 USD), or a cargo ship who takes coconuts, the price I found, as I found in port only about three ships carry as coconut, but they were in such terrible condition that Sarka refused to go somewhere with them. We finally got a ticket directly to Panama City. The next day we leave the direction of Panama. Goodbye Columbia, you’re beautiful and you were very friendly to us.

Milan and Sarka

14th Peru

It’s morning and we cross the border into Peru chaotic. The boundary is a few kilometers from the lake and we Titicata its surroundings, of course, carefully exploring. We find the famous Sun Gate, excavation area and are looking forward to visit the floating islands.

The famous lake Titicata us a little bit disappointed, however, floating islands are great tourist attractions. It’s actually such a museum, indigenous peoples do not live here long ago, only to demonstrate a way of life on these islands. Guide will show you the way building a floating island and for a fee you can ride on an Indian ship. We all graduated from the lake and headed toward the city of Arequipa. Here is a beautiful historic square from the time of Spanish domination.

On the way from Lake Titicata Ariguipy we turned to the Colca Canyon, where we spent a wonderful three days and drove up the canyon to its end in the desert. Impatient at these places waiting for the arrival of the famous Dakar Rally race. It is amazing to watch racing cars and motorcycles in the desert. Unfortunately, in these places was not going our best Tatra controlled Ales. We learn the sad news that crashed Tatra.

Other teams and continue to hold the leading positions of the field. The world is small and we shall always convince. We meet a man named Tony, is from Holland and from 1/2 year ago, we met him on the ferry from Spain to Morocco. It can not be overlooked, because it crosses the world on his Harley with a trailer. Tony is a super guy, we spent several days with him and one steamy night.

Say goodbye to Tony he continues to Lima, where he will finish the race and we’re going through Nasco Cuzca.Je into a beautiful city situated between the mountains, was once the capital of the Inca empire. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this city and it’s vidět.V center are expensive restaurants, many shops with souvenirs and hotely.Památky and history is a good promotional item. Well, to be in Peru and not visit Cuzco or Makchu pikchu is stupid. We do this almost absolvujeme duty and return the same way again to Nancy, where patterns are known in the desert. The tour is possible either from aircraft or from a steel tower about 10m high. Peru is a big country, along the Pacific coast to the west is the desert, in the eastern jungles and deep divide all beautiful Andes, which stretch from the south to Peru sever.My we were about a month and it’s really worth it. I personally prefer the mountains and the eastern side of the country near the border with Brazil. Indian village, and all tributaries of the Amazon live in the impenetrable jungle.

We got the car up to the old village founded by German and Austrian farmers from around 250lety.Je Oxapampa in the area and village deep in the jungle is Pozuzo. Even today the local see that in their veins European blood. We were in this place about 10 days and then we crossed the Andes to the capital Lima, where my friend arrived and was replaced by Sarka Karlos spolujezdce.Karlos place after four months of house flies to South Africa Traveling with him was great, maybe we’ll meet in Vladivostok and sail together across Russia to Europe, but it is still far away. Now we are in Lime and go north to Ekvadoru.Cesta leads again to the desert and close to the border with Ecuador begins landscape green. Around us are starting to appear and the first trees we slowly discover that the desert gave way and about to meet up with her in Mexico. The boundaries are before us. What are we waiting for some adventure in Ecuador.??

Milan, Karlos and Sarka and I :-)

13th Chile – Bolivia

The border into Chile in the direction of the Argentine city of Mendoza is located in the high Andean pass near the highest mountain JA Aconcagua. The borders go down a long hill to the lowlands, where the capital of Chile is Santiago de Chile.

We do not need to drive off into the city and therefore objíždíme and head to the Pacific coast, where we are going to spend Christmas 2011.Konečně we get to the Pacific. We stop at the beach, overlooking the setting sun disappears behind the horizon in places where thousands of miles from us lies Australia. We agree with the guys that we barbecue and Christmas sipping Chilean wine. So the next day we drive into town Valparasio, where a longer time to park and scattered around the shops.

We buy, scan the old town and harbor where sailboats anchored wonderful school. We return to the car and find that we have half broken off the lock. Fortunately, the thief got into the car, only damaged the door. I’m a bit spoiled the mood.

Continuing along the coast and some nice looking little place where we will spend the holidays. A few kilometers outside the city we find a small camp where he lives Chilean family. We have a barbecue, seating and the place where we sleep. Tools and pulled a bit trying to fix a door while we’re in the right management I change brake pads, it’s needed.

Christmas party was a success, barbecue and wine was great too. Two days we spent in this place and then we headed back to Santiago de Chile. You planted the boys from Poland say goodbye and we agree with them a visit in Poland on the way back to the CR. Which will be in 2013 on the way from Siberia. We’re heading to the airport where he was my friend Mary arrive with a friend who travel to South America. We agreed that part of the trip will go with us.

Handle is pointing and Copiapo, which lies north of Santiago de Chile. There I plan to wait and watch the world’s largest transit Dakar Rally. I am equipped with a big Czech flag and I intend to support our boys somewhere deep in the desert. At this point, the Czech controlled TATRA Ales range in the first five cars. We arrive in Copiapo, where everything was going to arrive ralye DAKAR. We are here but a few days earlier. During lunch, we agree that we will take my known to Bolivia and return to Chile Dakar follow ourselves. So we are heading north to the direction of the desert town. Santiago de Atacama. Our journey leads boring desert of Atacama Santiago and we’re going to the mountains to the mountain crossing into Bolivia.

The transition is 4600 m / nm, and we in this place on a dirt road we pass a pair of the wheelset. We do not understand and do not believe my eyes. At these altitudes is difficult to walk, let alone pedaling a bike. We stop for cyclists and offer drinking water, far and wide because it is not possible to buy drinking water. We find that cyclists are back from Poland and several months in South America cruise.

Say goodbye and continue our trip to Bolivia.

In Bolivia, we cross the pass at an altitude 5040m/nm, a personal best of our Toyota, has never been so high. Also, it gives enough to know that she did not like it, smokes, twitches and has very little power. (Engine needs oxygen in these altitudes is little oxygen) It still do not realize that over the next few weeks we will move at altitudes around 4000m/nm.
In the area of our trips are active volcanoes and volcanic activity is visible at every step, saline lagoons, red-colored earth, the place where the land rises from the hot mud and steam, sulfur vents, etc. rocky paths give the car a lot of hard time. Several hundred kilometers drive through this area towards the salt plain of Salar de Iuni name. Unfortunately, we find that the salt plain is flooded by rains.

So we fill the town ……

Way begins much, but really raining. Gravel lane changes in the lake and begins to get dark. Finally we come to town, where you can spend the night. The next day my friend Maruška dare with a friend in the mining town of Potosi, where they say goodbye and our paths divide. We decided to return back to Chile is unrealistic, so we’re going to the capital La Paz,

drive through the most dangerous road in the world from La Paz to the mountain village Croico and then on towards the border to Peru.

Hello Milan and Karlos.

12th Uruguay-Argentina

Uruguay is a country on the east coast between Brazil and Argentina. Nature in Uruguay is very similar to ours, a lot of European immigrants remained in Uruguay and did not continue further into the interior of S. America. The road network is excellent, towns and villages clean and very European. We went through this country from north to south. We slept in the woods and farms.
The Uruguay is a wonderful thing, local people use and own many veterans. There is a common encounter on the road before the car from the war years. This is certainly appreciated by fans of historical cars.

For us, Uruguay has served as a transit country back to Argentina. Cross the boundaries of the south-west and connects to the highway back to Buenos Aires. There will be long and boring journey from B.A. south to Patagonia. Week 3500 km still going straight past us only pampa everywhere along the road fence. This means that to find the set of sleeping is very difficult. For motorcyclists, this path the more difficult that blows from the south very strong wind.

We were glad to have this stretch of our journey in a row. Southern tip of South America had divided the two countries, Argentina and Chile. We must therefore cross over into Chile and again after 300 km to enter Argentina. We’re heading to Ushuaia is an Argentine city situated on the southernmost tip of the continent. Argentines call him Fin El Mundo (the end of the world) for us is the southernmost point of the city world tour.

Finally pampas disappeared and we drive through beautiful mountains and camp in the crystalline lakes. Several times we experience even a snow blizzard and the temperature is around 10 ° C during the day and within 5 ° C at night. Ushuai welcomes us beautiful weather. We are looking for camping, we parked the car and walk to town. Travelers will discover how many ways could visit the nearby islands and the wealthier is not a problem to visit the Arctic, which is really short.

City Museum in Ushuai is wonderful, I highly recommend to all. It tells you that this city was actually founded as a prison colony. The beginning of construction had to be terrible. We spent a week exploring the city and its surroundings. I recommend the Ushuai mountains. We had a wonderful trek into the mountains. The time has come out and we very much want to. In the forest near Ushuai spend last night and familiarize with two Argentine trackers. Boy and girl students headed the same direction as us. We take them and two days with us going in the direction of Punta Arenas. Planted at the intersection is changing the addresses, and our paths divide.

We arrive in a small fishing town of Puerto Natales. It’s a beautiful place. Clean water in the Gulf of fresh air, friendly people, it offers all this part of Chilean Patagonia. We spend three days here. One of our batteries in the car was completely gone, so we have to buy a new one. We’re going to trade in car parts and gas stations we meet three hikers from Poland. We can arrange that will go with us into the mountains where the peaks of Torres del Paine. This natural gem is about 50km from P. Natales to the north.

The National Park Torres del Paine is really fantastic. Will participate together with the guys trek in the national park. The boys are on the road already traveled to Australia 14 months, arrived in Buenos Aires and stop to get to Puerto Natales. We agreed that they could go with us because we have the same path to the north. We returned back to Argentina and went on road number 40 towards the mountains, where the top of Fitzroy. Other natural jewel of this part of Patagonia.

FitzRoy on the way we stop at the famous Moreno Glacier. One of the few glaciers in the world that does not melt, but rather increases it is amazing to see from close how often robbing several-ton blocks of ice and rushing into the lake. I must say that Patagonia is for me one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Continue along the dusty road number 40 towards the Argentine city of Mendoza.

This area is famous for excellent wine. Every night we test a bottle vína.Dobre then falls asleep. :-) Boys from Poland are super.Stejna blood group as we set off every night until late cest.Kolem us stories of mountains and only divocina.Co more could we prat.Opoustime Mendoza region and bound nar.parku Aconkagua.Zde J.Ameriky is the highest mountain (6959 m Aconkagua). trek to the mountain is possible, but we do not partake in it, we come up to 4800, but then go down and drive the direction of Chile hranici.Tim leave Argentina for good.

Other songs spun from Chile. Milan and Karlos

11th Argentina – Brazil

So finally we have a new continent. In South America I was very pleased, because I love mountains and ancient culture. The first stage in South America will attend with a friend from South Africa Karlos. It’s a cunning adventurer and world traveler, so there is no any problems. It is night and we find ourselves after a long flight to the international airport in Buenos Aires. As always the first way leads to an ATM, we had no transportation to the city center.

We need to find a hotel in which we live, at least one week for processing of port and customs formalities relating to the Toyota pick-up from the port terminal. Buenos Aires is a great city and we soon managed to find quite a decent hotel at a reasonable price. The next day I start to process the documents regarding the collection auta.Celý process takes about 5 days. And we spend 5 days of running, the various offices and sightseeing.

Buenos Aires is famous old town district of La Boca where the streets dancing tango. Of course, only for tourists. The district is also known football club, which started the famous Marodona and just at the time of our visit, Buenos Aires soccer club Boca won the Argentine Cup. I do not have to describe what was happening in the city streets when the winning goal. Argentines are very lively and wholeheartedly love football.

Finally the day came when we drive by taxi to the port to pick up the car. Despite the various checks we get to the place of the container depot, where a container is ready for us. A customs officer přestřihává seal, opens the door and I finally after a long time to see our great Toyota. It has spilled from the tires to fit the height of the container. And it is a dusty, apparently she was in the container indicate no power. I try to start, but the battery is half empty. Even in the warehouse that have forklift, which helps Toyota pulled out of the container and start. Mounted on an aluminum roof boxes, reserve and return to the front winch bumper.

Go from the port and the heavy traffic headed for our hotel. The hotel car park and brushing cleaning the interior of the car. The next day we set out, and finally, we head north to the border with Brazil. Right on the border are known to Iguazu Falls (also known as Devil’s throat)

Three days of 1700 km takes us a long way to Iguazu. In northern Argentina are regular police road check points, where police were almost always stop and invent a pretext to get both of us some money. This is reel in the front bumper, hitch in the rear bumper, etc. Reportedly in Argentina are those things on the vehicle and it prohibited the car from Europe is not interested. Only in one case paying a fine, in other cases it uhádáme. After all these twists and turns, finally arrived in Iguazu. After entering the national park are waterfalls where we can get an amazing view of the mass of water that disappears into a deep canyon.

Falls lies on the River Iguazu, which forms the border between Brazil and Argentina, so both sides are popular tourist sites, from which spectacular views of this natural wonder. I recommend the Brazilian side. I think the view from this side is absolutely the best. Our next trip goes to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro.
Brazil is a beautiful country and really surprised us excellent quality of local roads. Drivers going very quickly and dangerously. When driving I must be very careful to make something happen. The road leading to Rio via Sao Paulo, which is pretty amazing, orientation in the center without GPS is really unimaginable. I have already passed when traveling much of the world’s metropolises, São Paulo, but I rank in second place in Delhi.

Finally, we are in Rio. I must admit that we are very disappointed, and because we expected something completely different than what is real. Rio is located on the beautiful coast, has two large beaches, Christ on rock, sugar cane (special shaped rock) and that’s it. Streets, houses, hotels and restaurants line the steel bars and fences. Due to the fact that crime is very high with these measures, nor surprised. But it looks awful. We spend several days in Rio and then we leave to the south to Uruguay. The way back leads through Sao Paulo, but then turns right along the coast south to the border with Uruguay.

On the way visit to the border town of Blumenau (town founded by German immigrants). In vain looking for a German pub, where we would like lunch. It’s been many years since there was heard mostly German, now the city is 100% Brazilian, German history is visible only on the architecture. Finally, after many kilometers we arrive at the border with Uruguay.
We need to ask several times where the office of customs officers and police. The boundary is not at all, and cars pass uncontrollably. We obviously need the necessary stamp in passports and Arnette. Take care there in the winter and we are heading to Uruguay.

Milan and Karlos

07. JAR and sick Sarka

Hello from South Africa. Continuing along the coast towards East London. The beautiful landscape around the road, alternating with picturesque villages. People feel like somewhere in Europe. Sarka has strong cramps in the stomach, we have again to the hospital. I’m starting to think about the option to park a car in East London and fly to the Republic for Christmas. Hopefully it will solve the health problems Sarka and our family will be happy to see us after six months. We arrive in town and looking Kirkwod hospital. For a while already parked in front of the hospital and look surgery. Takes us nurse willing to explain what the problem Sarka and where we are. Sarka undergo several tests and the conclusion is that it has a strong stomach inflammation. He gets an antibiotic injection and the next morning, we come to inspect. It is raining and quite cold. The town is quite nice parks and camp where they sleep. It’s raining all night and Sarka is still in severe pain. In the morning we are back in the hospital. We wait in the waiting room at the doctor, but after 15minutách choose to pursue Moving to East London to the known health problem and will try to resolve there.

Later that evening, parked in the garden at the Charles E. London. Karl welcomes us, and I just explain what is happening and how it is with Sarka. It is the end of November, a couple of weeks are Christmas. The next day they decide we’re going home! Parked at the Charles is not a problem. We reserve tickets and preparing the car for parking. Disconnecting the battery, bleed water from the shower, all clean and pack only essential items. Next morning we start a local service to Johanesburku and then pass its international routes to Dubai and then to Prague. That I was always flying pretty upset we spend on the plane by about 17 hours. However, in Prague, we have a good mood, and our path leads straight to the hospital. Sarka problem be resolved about a month, because during the treatment are the Christmas holidays. It’s nice to spend Christmas with his family. Really appreciate it, as a family we have and how to support us and help. Without such help we could not travel this way.

I can fulfill my childhood dreams and Sarka poor way this time took to health problems. Today, everything is already OK and I plan to return to Africa, where I continue to travel. A little adjusting the original plan and still want to visit Botswana where the gorgeous river delta Okawango. Sarka time remains in CR, where after-care experiences of their illness, and I’m leaving back to Africa with his older son Michael. Michael in Africa has never been and still is for him a good life experience. Again, we spend hours on the plane and again after a few weeks we find ourselves at the airport in East London. It’s muggy and warm, and we look forward to further adventures. I am impatient when I see again my beautiful square love Toyota.

So next time you get back up again. This time, the entire South Africa, Botswana, Zambia again and again in Namibia. Then come back to South Africa to prepare Toyota and Karl into the container.

Awaiting her big boat trip to Buenos Aires.

Milan and ill Sarka

10th South Africa and home

We leave Namibia and cross the border into South Africa. Customs officers are willing and in a moment we uháníme the beautiful road in the direction of South Africa, Cape Town. South Africa is beautiful, but it annoys me that there not be camping in the wild. Roads are lined with fences and does not go off the road outside. Therefore you can only sleep at rest areas or find a camp official. Camping in South Africa is quite a lot, prices range 300Kč-600CZK per night for two people. We arrived in Cape Town, visiting this city is always an experience for me. Table Mountain, beautiful beaches on the south end of town, etc. We left the car parked in the parking lot on the hill opposite the mesa and went for a walk on the beautiful prospects. Stunning views of the city and the surrounding coastline fascinated us. We return to the car park and a couple of my Czech health. “Hello,” it was a pleasant surprise. The first meeting after 7 months of traveling to Africa with expatriates. Two boys from Slovakia, guides and travel agencies operating in South Africa, and takes tourists to Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We had a beer in a beach restaurant and talked about Africa. It was nice meeting you guys were great.

From Cape Town we went around the coast to the village of Gans Bay and then to nejjižnějišímu tip of the African continent. For Michael it was the first visit to the southernmost tip, so I made close to a museum in the old lighthouse. We Propátrali telescope around and looking for the whales. Unfortunately, this time we have seen nothing. With Sarka we’re watching orcas. They sleep in the parking lot this morning and continues the direction of Port Elizabeth. Approaching the time of our departure back home. We even arrange for car transport to Buenos Aires. We agree with what we do and how. Coming up April and the southern hemisphere winter of brewing. In Argentina, where I’m looking forward to visit Patagonia and especially where it is most appropriate in the summer, ie. in November, December. Riding in Patagonia in May-June, the stupidity. We plan, advise and choose the next option. Leave the car ready for my friend Charles, who lives in East Lodnon and discuss with him that the car will carry only the port in late August. There he was loaded and the transport company will carry the container to Buenos Aires. So there you have him pick me and Sarka. Journey across the ocean takes about a month, so it will be in Buenos Aires in late September.

OK, so it was … everything is planned and we continue through the Port Elizabeth to East London. We welcome with Charles after two months since we last saw him, explain our plan. With all agree and we are preparing Toyota for loading the container. Everything we mine from the roof into the car. Winch from the front bumper rather too tidy in the car. Bleed water from the shower and liquidate the rest of the food. The car is ready, cleaned up, only to transfer to the port. We agree with the shipping company, we can see details of the shipment, etc.

Now is the day of departure, to say goodbye to Karl Heinz at the airport in East London and pass a few hour flight to Prague. We look forward to the family, my friends, but we are at the heart of Africa. I’m sure I will return here. Already in my head of the secret plans.

Milan, and Michael Sarka (already healthy and ready for another adventure)

08th South Africa, Botswana

At the airport waiting for us Karl. Happily go to him and I am pointing out the luggage. Karl has a Toyota Hilux. Uháníme through East London to his house. Finally good to see our car. It’s actually not even a car for me there. It is a home and a reliable partner. I hope that I am disappointed with the reliability. Next day we launch the car, plug the battery, pumping oil into the pump and starts. The engine starts instantly. Beautiful six-cylinder sound is like beautiful music to my ears. Exchange the front shock absorbers that have been damaged from the Congo, dotankovávám water for showering and stores to buy your next trip.

The next morning we set the direction Drakensberg and Lesotho. The road is beautiful, not much traffic, asphalt. South Africa is mostly asphalt, but some secondary roads are gravel. We stop at a familiar place, where I was with Sarka. The beautiful coastline is surrounded by dense forest remnants. Michal show an old ship wreck that forty years ago these places failed on the rocks. They sleep in the wild woods and the next day heading to the Drakensberg mountains. The city Umtatasi I notice a small board, which in turn draws attention to the falls. Cornering, and after 10 km we are impressed with wonderful big waterfall. Nor do we know what it’s called, obviously tourists have disappeared, a local boy made us a book in which we write. Pay nothing and write it into the book our names and country of which we are.

Continuing further on towards Kokstad and Underberg. Spend nights in open at a rest stop along the road the next day and arrive in the Drakensberg mountains. Beautiful, amazing is right, covered with grass rises to the occurrence of contrast with the azure blue sky.

Turns towards Sani Pass, where a border crossing in the small country on behalf of Lesotho. Lesotho is a beautiful mountainous country, where nature is very similar to the Drakensberg mountains. The Sani Pass gravel path leads, sometimes enough to break, but for us it’s the highway. After Kong has every lane freeways. Despite the way the stream flows at times with clean water and then disappear into the deep valley below us. We arrive at the customs point near the top of Sani Pass. A customs officer explains that on the road impassable. Stone avalanche collapsed on the road and it was ripped off. We have to back and it means that we can visit the renowned Tavern on the top of Sani Pass, which is full of souvenirs from various travelers from all over the world. I’ve got a tip from her friends and I’m sorry that we could not put it there beer and chat with the owner. We ride down the valley and looking for a place to sleep. This time it’s a small campsite. The next day we continue along the mountains Løten direction.

At noon, parked at the entrance to a farm and cook lunch. It starts raining and we stopped the farmer who goes to the farm gate. We talk with him and he invites us to snacks into his house. We agree and we go after him. The farm is about 2km from the entrance. A beautiful farm is located directly below the mountains. The house on the farm where the farmer lives is amazing. It looks more like Beverly Hilsa than Africa. Swimming pool, bar, etc., two servants serve us, and we are enjoying a beer and COFFE. I tell the travel and he asked the Czech Republic. It is a fan of the ultra light aircraft and also one’s own (the house has a small airport). He explains to me that the Czech Republic is the largest manufacturer of ultra light aircraft in the world, I did not know. He teaches me how it is with those planes, and I’m glad to know our country. Mostly because nobody knows where the Czech Republic, although sometimes know our football players, but nobody knows where he is Czech. If they knew how it is beautiful here, I would definitely come for a vacation. The Czech Republic is really beautiful, with each country visited on my travels to always remember. Farewell to the farmer and his wife are very nice people. We offer lodging, but we refuse. I feel better in the car, sleeping in the camp does not bother me. I prefer somewhere in the wild in the woods, or in the bush, but in South Africa and the majority must sleep in the camps. Possibility to go into the forest are almost everything is fenced. Private property is everywhere, all fenced. They sleep in the camp as we recommended a farmer. The owner of the camp although it is quite drunk, but nevertheless we agree on price and fast asleep.

The next day we continue along the Drakensberg mountains toward the highway that leads to Johanesburku and Pretoria. We leave the Drakensberg Mountains and swallow miles of boring highway. Johannes Passing through Burke where we do not intend to stay and spend nights in open lake Harthesspont, which flows into the Crocodile River. The camp is completely empty, we were alone.

The next day we get to the border with Botswana. After small issues that have to deal with our embassy in Johanesburku we get to the territory of Botswana. Czechs no longer need is fresh visa to Botswana and officials at the border did not know it yet. I had to contact our embassy and the Czech embassy staff willing to arrange everything. Small delays are matter. It’s getting dark and we parked in a campsite called “Lion Camp”. Now we know why. Every day for dinner at the camp fence, heard growling lion and the lions are going to hunt. We hope that the fence is solid and fall asleep. The next day we have to Gaborone (capital city of Botswana) to settle a visa to Namibia. I know it will take 3 days, so the Lions camp we spent a total of 3 nights. The lion’s roar We come in peace every night grill fresh beef. I enjoy great steaks. Finally we have a visa and we go to the center direction of the salt pans of Botswana. Unfortunately we can not pass, fall into the mud. It is the rainy season and the salt pans are passable only in dry season. Ntwetwe salt pans are the endless plains that looks like cracked, dry desert with saline soil, unfortunately inaccessible to us.

For several days we get to the town of Maun, which arrange entry into national parks, Moremi and Chobe. In Maun, we must pay for camping in those parks and the entrances to the park. In Moremi to pay parking in the camp “Third Bridge” and Chobe, it’s camp “Savuti. Moremi National Park is situated in the Okavango Delta and Chobe Park is on the way towards the Okavango delta of the Zambezi River, which forms the border between Botswana and Zambia. Boundary touches the river in a small place and across the river to get to Zambia by ferry. Now get back into the sea where we spent wonderful moments. Within the park we entered the south gate, where we learn what and how. Where is the way to our camp and what to expect along the way by surprise. It is the rainy season and we have to pass a few deep fords, before we get into camp. Passing through 40 km long path full of beautiful nature, animals and especially not one tourist nepotkáváme or another car. Simply amazing.

Delta is full of water and we really need to ride deeper couple of fords. Toyota easily handles all night and we parked in our reserved campsite. I am a little nervous when I communicated at the reception camp, they do not have fences that separated us from wild animals and that we can count on a visit to hyenas and possibly with some lion. “Well, nothing new” I think the car and prepare to sleep. Cook dinner around is darkness, only to hear in the distance are the elephants. Beautiful night, came a lion, hyena, and neither the next day we continue on wildlife. The delta is the number of small lakes which are just around the hippos and wildlife. Just like a dream. At one Ford fit into the mud, but in another attempt to get to solid ground. We must be careful, you always have to identify the correct entry in the Ford and the correct exit. I would not have a car drowned. While we have the opportunity to go deep water about 130cm, but if the bottom mud, so we are screwed. Fortunately, everything is OK and we are on the rocky path leading to the Chobe National Park.

Nature around us is amazing. I do not even realize they are wild animals around us, we take it for granted. Elephants and antelope are everywhere, sometimes giraffes, African wild dog, etc. Just keep the lion in front of us hiding somewhere. Arriving at the Chobe and Savuti are heading to camp. Again, no fence, again about our wildlife. But this time I cook dinner, and there are close to us appears an elephant. I know how to do it. I’ll take two metal pots and mlátím to them about themselves. Elephant lazily turns and heads in the bush. Got it natrénované from Zambia, where elephants are so repulsed with Sarka Crokodil Creek campsite. In the morning the car around the hyenas, but they are shy and will flee when I open the door. Our way slowly towards the ONU border to the Zambezi River, where the old are focusing on a ferry and while we’re on the territory of Zambia. Small haggling with customs and police at the border because of the bribe requested by them. It’s always a struggle, but it is known and will not give up. Vše dopadá OK after payment víz we arrived in Zambia, but the next time.

Power salute from the Zambezi River Milan and Misha.

09th Zambia and Namibia

So we’re back to familiar places in Zambia. Šárka I remember, as we experienced the disease and thought to have malaria. We’re headed to a beautiful camp Crokodil Creek. I welcome with the owner and tell them what to Sarka and how everything happened with her illness. We spend one night here, a BBQ and watch the Zambezi River on the bank of the campsite is located. It starts raining again and we are hiding in the car. All night the storm and torrential rain. Zambezi River is swollen and I look forward to seeing Victoria Falls full of water. When we were here with Sarka and the drought and water was not much. We arrive in the town of Livingstone in the vicinity of Victoria Falls lies. Represents at memorial Emil Holub (Czech explorer). Again, we are surrounded by local merchants and one even remembers me while I was with Sarka. We are changing with them their native products, bracelets, statues of animals, etc. in an old shirt and a knife. For us and for a good deal about them, too. Farewell, and we headed to the falls. Victoria Falls I have already described in the article … … … on the way to Sarka. It was a period of drought, but now the rainy season and the Zambezi River is full of water, ie. The waterfalls thunder at full strength. Amazing sound, but the spray is so large that, unfortunately, nothing is visible. We are all wet and see nothing. We paid the entrance to the waterfalls, and now we just thank you for a great shower. We now look at the huge cloud of spray that rises from the falls and we leave Livingstounu, the direction of the border with Namibia. In Namibia I’m looking forward, it’s a beautiful country. There is a lot of people, there are the beautiful bush and desert. Namibia me just growing on him. After 400 kilometers and cross the border heading north to the falls Rucana. It lies directly on the border with Angola and the Kunene River, which actually forms the border is full of crocodiles. This area is beautiful countryside, where wild animals are wild. Camping in the bush is not a problem and a local Himba tribe village domordců are as old as time travelers as conquering Africa. Simply amazing. Waterfalls Rucana are interesting, but we are setting out towards the west along the dirt road next to the name of Epupa Falls. They are really beautiful and fully accessible. Our journey along the Kunene river is quite challenging because we often have to drive through deep fords, and we fear that the Western. About halfway through the route turns to the detour, there’s nothing else to do. The path along the river is completely flooded. Spend nights in open bush and evenings by the fire are amazing. Night sounds of the bush, the sky full of stars, what more can one want. In a few days we get to the falls Epupa. Fantasy, beautiful, can not describe it. The river plunges into a deep canyon below us, about our wonderful trees, flowers, air and airless spray. I hate to say goodbye to the border areas along the river, but time is running out and we need to continue.

Passing through the bush towards Etosha National Park. I was there, but not Michael, so there we go. One night camping in the bush at the northern boundary of the park. I cook dinner, Mischa is looking for firewood. It’s getting dark, we are near a dried riverbed. It is almost dark when I finish, and reap the table. In it you will hear our famous hyena, which often enough poison in the evening in the bush. Always drive the fire. They are not dangerous for us right now, maybe there’s fire, perhaps for the very weak man, yes. But we have another serious problem ahead of the bushes about 20 yards from the car to hear a lion’s growl. So we know exactly what that means. Heck, even the always camping on the spot where a little perspective. Lioness sitting in the bushes and mručí toward us. I can say that so fast I still campy furniture failed. Jump in the car and lights up the light. Meanwhile, the lion moved somewhere behind us. Starting and leaving, I’m not going to be dinner for a cat, that is a four-legged cat. After about 5 km are focusing on a paved road and stopping at a rest stop. That night we sleep on the road. Next day we drive through Etosha, Tsumeb and head for the Skeleton Coast. The boundary of the park “Skeleton Coast” gain permission to enter the middle of a park and uháníme desert beyond. The coast is very barren desert and actually disappears in the waves of the Atlantic. It must have been terrible for sailors from shipwrecks, who are looking for in these places drinking water and had no idea that the desert stretches far inland. Most of all perished from thirst. Hence the name “Skeleton Coast”. We found only a skeleton of a whale and a huge colony of sea lions. One of us even tried to bite, because he slept so soundly that we were able to bring him to the exigencies of filming a few. We thought he was dead, he suddenly opened his eyes, bared teeth, and we ran. It was a comical situation. In the desert, the Skeleton Coast for nothing else is watching. We visited several old shipwrecks, which are washed aground and we headed toward the town’s Svakopmund. There is an amazing German inn, where a great cook. Pork with dumplings and beer was great.

The next day we continue towards the famous dunes of Sossusvlei desert. The landscape here is beautiful, dusty paths. In the mountains we drive through a ford across the river and you break the rear tire. Quite a big hole, we must remove the cloak and fix it.

Of course, I reserve, we also have enough time, so it will fix. Two hours is all fixed and we spend nights in open desert. Again, a beautiful night full of stars. Namibia is amazing, we pass it towards Fish River Canyon (Fish River Canon). Along the way, conditions in the small village of Grunau where a small car. When traveling through the Congo with Sarka are on the wrong track damaged front bumper, which leaked from the oil and stop control. Company Dajbych shock me happy vyreklamovala and I mounted a new front shock absorbers. I noticed that when you got hit in the Congo, thus damaging the lower hinge dampers. And now the road is gradually lower hinge damage that snapped and fell. The garage was in Grunau old gentleman, whom I explained what I need. Loaned me a welder, let me go to channel into the shop and I have a cracked hinge welded in peace. He was so willing to let us stay overnight with them. They were nice people. I promised them that we send them our beautiful view of Prague. From Grunau we slowly headed back to South Africa, but until next time.

Hi Milan and Misha


To get started, I wanted to write that we have to travel to Morocco, decided just days before odjazdom.Nebol this problem, based on the canceled visa requirements and so we 14.12.2008 starts, without a more precise plan. Journey through Europe was not particularly interesting.

I would like to mention the snow blown in the road between Italy and France, when we wanted to shorten the trip a few times, but we always had to return to the highway and also attempted car theft in Spain in the parking lot. They moved there guys, anything between 12-15 years. They probably matched drawn cars for thieves, who showed there is about 2-hour ej. morning and tried to open the lock of my Toyota. When you see that I am in the car so quickly disappeared with one “guessing” that there was waiting for “their share”.

We decided that to take a ferry in Almeria, a port city in southern Spain. Boat escape the ej 22-hr. and we had enough time to park at the port. Here we met a couple from Bavaria with their residential MAN-om. Lord was 81 years and it was admirable that have embarked on a path, particularly when he showed us two off-road motorcycles, which were going into the wilderness. Recall only that the spare wheel of this car weighs about 125 kg.

Voyage to Melilli lasted 6.5 hours. And after this experience, I think it is better to buy the cabin. We have landed on Spanish territory. The direction of the customs office has been identified as a European would expect. Before the roundabout, which has brought us to the main road, you should turn right. Customs clearance has been here for us to experience and who’s not ready, he must obrniť patience. We did not want used offer “accomplices”, who for 10 EUR offer equipment and customs documents, so we said to the wife of Mr shuffled into the chaotic crowd of people on all sides to push one box. After some time the customs officers opened the second bulkhead, but the result was only that the crowd was split and continued to be virtually motionless. Since Moroccans, we learned that they accept “a woman’s right” to go outside the box number that it did not print, we use fast and have obtained the necessary forms. It was not easy to fill and stand next to the front, but after a few hours we managed to go through customs.

My first feelings were mixed in Morocco, but it probably happens to everyone who has been in Africa. We exchanged money in the bank, we said goodbye to our well-known and continue towards the town of Oujda and further along the Algerian border to the south. We often encountered by police checks, for which we have become accustomed over time, especially at entry and exit points. Cops are usually made of stopping bullying bands, which is located “stem”. Here it should slow down and wait to sign cop. Cops have respect, and in Morocco we perceive them as someone who is willing to help us. Journey to the South was led through the asphalt and rocky desert. When the dark, so we divert from the desert roads and seek a place to sleep. Sign for the approaching sunset hours are in addition to the lengthening shadows. It is the place to write, that is the risk of driving at night, because it easily happens that you meet a car with no lights turned on or cart with a donkey and so on. We thought that we are in a large wilderness area alone. It us but in the morning “break” dog nomads, who were encamped not far from us. Temperatures at night ranged from just below zero and thus to create ice, which helped remove fast but with the rising sun as the temperature was rising, that day was between 16-20 degrees. This way we got to the city Bouarfa, where we turned aside towards the Algerian border and on to the piston along them. Here met GPS-ka, who offered us useful information about our position, given the proximity of the Algerian border. Pistons are beaten path in the desert, which divides or joining or disappearing into the lost. We also asked about the direction of nomadic women. People we met was friendly to us behaved in this way we had virtually no problems. In addition to Arabic here speak French, Spanish some English and very little German. Smile and flourish right hand in greeting is normal. Children are asked of us sweets and adults t-shirts, cigarettes and alcohol to the north. Often offered as guides and the like. For which you then ask about a reward. This may not always be pleasant, but it is true that we sometimes provide good information. Usually have a problem orientate the map, but show us the direction always reliable. Perhaps one day we arrived in Erfoud, where we visited the local museum of minerals and fossils. It was an experience for us because this gave the museum exhibits look really closely. Finally, our boy, who worked at the museum, also introduced into workshops, where the induction of rocks looking for fossils. Just when we were there, so they could find really large trilobite. Several fossils we purchased from them and we continued into town Rissani. In the city we let the local barber shave, which was not expensive and we were working with the barber really happy. Also thanks to the merchant with whom we drank strong mint tea, we could see the places where we would own about nepozreli. These were areas where the inhabitants lived in houses located in covered streets, allowing them to high summer temperatures provide nice shade. We also continue to partly rocky and partly sandy gun to Erg Chebbi. They are sand dunes 15 to 20 m high, which conceal an oasis. Here, we released the pressure of the tires at about 1 atm. Can I write that Toyota, even if fully loaded, that managed to ride the dunes with no problems. We met Ibrahim, 22 year old boy who drove us to the oasis and showed us the place where the stone was mined, full of fossilized animals that metamorphism was probably the seabed.

Next we went to the Great Atlas mountain range, on top of which is given to distinguish snow from a distance. The asphalt road, we turned aside to turn the piston and we passed through small villages, where we purchased women from local bread, baked in small circular kilns. Taste was really excellent. Atlas led the way through 2200 m in height and everywhere along it are stalls with vendors who offer minerals and fossils.

On the other side of the mountain city of Marrakech we waited. I think this is well known to tourists, along with its marketplace, where they negotiate prices. It is worth noting for us a bit chaotic right. Over time we have but the method used to driving in cities.

Our route was further to the west coast and the city of Safi, which is famous for the production of ceramics and in the direction of Casablanca, where we are with Toyota “entangled” in a market where we really sweat while driving. From there we headed to Meknes and Fes. North of Meknes, we visited the historic Roman city of Volubilis. In his search can easily imagine, it looked like its original form and is certainly of interest to anyone interested in history.

Fes was pleasant dissolution of the larger cities and from here we headed north to the port town of Nador. Here we went through customs control, customs officers when we zrentgenovali cars along with trucks. Did we have some forms and we know we ferry, a 7-hour voyage got back on the European continent. I think that Morocco, particularly outside of cities presents us with the old world, old habits with a fantastic nature and is suitable for travelers who want to create the idea of northwest Africa.

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